Unveiling Tradingview’s Pro+ Features: Is It Worth It?


TradingView is a popular and powerful online platform for traders and investors that provides advanced charting tools, technical analysis capabilities, and a community of like-minded individuals to share ideas and insights. While TradingView offers a free version, it also provides a premium subscription plan called “Pro+” with additional features and benefits. In this article, we will unveil TradingView’s Pro+ features and evaluate whether it’s worth the investment for traders.

Advanced Charting Tools: One of the primary advantages of TradingView’s Pro+ plan is access to advanced charting tools and features. Pro+ subscribers can enjoy more indicators, drawing tools, and chart types compared to the free version. These tools enable traders to perform in-depth technical analysis, identify trends, and make informed trading decisions.

Real-Time Data and Faster Refresh Rates: With Pro+, users get real-time data with faster refresh rates. This can be crucial for day traders and those who need up-to-the-second information for executing trades effectively. The real-time data ensures that Pro+ subscribers have a competitive edge in fast-moving markets.

Customizable Alerts: Pro+ subscribers can set up customizable alerts based on various criteria, such as price levels, technical indicators, and trendline breaches. These alerts help traders stay on top of their positions and seize opportunities as they arise, even if they are not actively monitoring the markets.

More Saved Chart Layouts: Pro+ users can save a higher number of chart layouts compared to the free version. This is beneficial for traders who analyze multiple assets or use different chart setups for various trading strategies.

Enhanced Customer Support: Subscribers to TradingView Pro+ plan receive priority customer support, ensuring that any issues or queries are addressed promptly. This can be especially valuable for traders who rely heavily on the platform and need immediate assistance.

Pine Script Access: TradingView’s Pro+ plan allows users to access Pine Script, a proprietary scripting language that enables the creation of custom technical indicators and trading strategies. For traders with programming skills, Pine Script opens up endless possibilities for developing unique tools and automated trading systems.

No Advertisements: TradingView’s free version displays advertisements, which can be distracting for some users. Pro+ subscribers enjoy an ad-free experience, creating a cleaner and more focused trading environment.

Extended Intraday Data: The free version of TradingView offers intraday data for a limited time frame. Pro+ subscribers, however, gain access to extended intraday data, allowing them to analyze historical price movements in greater detail.

Now, let’s consider whether TradingView’s Pro+ features are worth the investment:

For Active Traders: TradingView’s Pro+ plan is well-suited for active traders who require real-time data, advanced charting tools, and customizable alerts. The faster refresh rates and extended intraday data are valuable for making quick and well-informed decisions.

Technical Analysts: Technical analysts who heavily rely on charting tools, indicators, and custom scripts will find Pro+ beneficial. Access to Pine Script enables them to create and test their unique trading strategies.

Serious Investors: Pro+ may also be worthwhile for serious investors who want to conduct thorough technical analysis and maintain a diversified portfolio. The additional features can aid in optimizing investment decisions.